Lecythis pisonis and Hyacinth Macaw

Lecythis pisonis and Hyacinth Macaw – Watercolour – 90.6×66.5cm / 35.4x26in

This artwork is currently available. Please let me know if you have any enquiry on this very special piece

This intricate study features the remarkably unique Lecythis pisonis and the endangered Hyacinth Macaw, both subjects I studied closely during my recent research and referencing travels to Brazil. Like all in this series, it is also a complex exploration of technical skill, physical and mental endurance, the watercolour medium and of colour. This is a large watercolour painting inspired by the beautiful natural history of South America, and is the third major work painting in my ongoing White Room Collection of natural history studies from around the world.

I was utterly mesmerised by the Lecythis tree and spent weeks chasing it over its brief flush of divine pink foliage and clusters of magical lilac flowers across Brazil like a woman on a mission. I wanted to capture, express and share the beauty of this little know tree as well and grandly as possible… the endangered macaw, an obvious marriage for the Lecythis, was equally as mesmerising to me, and I knew it simply had to be the next creation in this series.

This has been an especially intense and involved journey, and you can discover more about the background story and the development of this painting in my recent blog post.

heidi willis_natural history artist_bird_macaw_amazon_watercolour

This painting is now available in print, just follow the link to learn more

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