Flamingos Painting

Flamingos Painting – Acrylics – 120x120cms –Β Original is SOLD

Flamingos is a life size study of the drama and romance of the flamingo. Measuring 120x120cms in size, this major work is rendered in acrylics, making a bold visual statement on the raging beauty, simplicity and complexity of nature.

This painting was inspired by a stunning photo shoot my friend Peter Caddy did of these magical birds in the Montreal Zoo this year. Knowing I was captivated, he generously allowed me to suffer endlessly (lol) in order to capture this story into a painting… but the effort and dedication paid off in this spectacular piece. As I say, some things should only be measured in quality, which is always my intention with my work.

I am very happy with the results, the painting in the flesh simply sings. Its simply a storyΒ that must be told. Thank you to all who followed this painting in progress over the last months, your company is wonderful as always. If you have any enquiry on this artwork please let me know.

heidi willis_artist_flamingos_painting_acrylics_bird

This painting is now available in print in 3 sizes, 100cms, 50cms and 30cms, just follow the link to my Etsy store for more information on this line