WHATS COMING UP? Heres the preview  
With this months painting lesson coming up so fast now, I have put the finishing touches on the tutorial at long last and its all set to go. Lets have a better look at whats on offer for you this month 💕

SCARLET ROBIN – Paint Realistic Watercolour and BIRDS explores one of my own, very favourite bird painting subjects, the Scarlet Robin in my favourite medium of all time. This tiny red, black and white fluff ball of bliss in a pint size is a completely divine creature and a magic painting subject to play with once more, and I am excited to share this one with you all. Pigment rich wash, pigment poor wash, intense, harmonious colour, full of texture and subtleties to capture, this is a delightful painting lesson to enjoy for all levels.

This course explores wash and dry brush, but along with the usual mix of my techniques and approaches, we will also be exploring wet in wet painting techniques to expand on our practice, knowledge and options even further. Although I dont work in this technique very often myself, its an important, helpful and fun approach to play with, and for some, it is just the right balance to paint with.

Again, this gorgeous Scarlet Robin subject is a one that dives deeper into the watercolour medium and small bird painting in general, to expand on our learning even more. Its an ideal painting exercise to grow your knowledge, whilst having fun with this beautiful new, intensely coloured bird. It will go live here on Patreon only, May 8 so get your brushes ready and Ill see you in the wash very soon!

The original reference for this course comes with thanks to Peter Caddy 🙏🏻