Pomegranates Botanical

Heidi Willis ~ Pomegranates Botanical ~ Watercolour 48×33.2cm/19x13inch

Meticulously rendered in many layers of luxurious transparent watercolour glazes, Pomegranates Botanical is a classic example of contemporary botanical art and is amongst my very favourite subjects to work with. This highly popular painting has featured in several publications such as ‘Artist Palette Magazine’ and ‘International Artist Magazine’.

A timeless subject with so much symbolism and so many sentimental attachments for so many, Pomegranates Botanical has also been used to create a range of especially beautiful commercial packaging for my clients.

An eternally elegant subject and composition, Pomegranates Botanical has even been used in a spectacular, large scale botanical based tattoo with wonderful results and a very happy client.

Pomegranate Botanical original is SOLD