New Udemy Course LIVE – Online Bird Painting Tutorial

New Udemy Course LIVE – Online Bird Painting Tutorial

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NEW! Splendid Fairywren Online Painting Tutorial is NOW LIVE!!!

Im pretty excited about this announcement, both because Ive been working so hard to bring this new bird painting tutorial to you on Udemy and its happening at last, and because Im looking forward to this next chapter with you, seeing your beautiful work and painting improvements from the courses I offer again. This marks a new chapter of teaching for me on a platform I know so well and have been a part of for so long, but today we officially step in to BIRD ILLUSTRATION to expand our horizons together and Im thrilled. I know many of you will be too!

The first bird illustration course Im launching on Udemy looks at the Splendid Fairywren, an utterly divine Australian bird, painting subject and illustration lesson to boot. In this course we work from my friend Peter Caddy’s image to produce gorgeous, pigment rich, electric blue watercolour painting studies together and theres so much to learn and enjoy.

This course begun as one of our wonderful monthly PATREON Painting lessons where the challenges are enjoyed first, but Ill also be offering many of these courses on Udemy, just a few month later. Now you have options, and we love that! Pick and choose the courses and subjects you love as they come on the Udemy platform, or join our awesome, growing community on Patreon for monthly watercolor painting challenges hot off the press… its up to you. Beautifully on Patreon, it is a community where you can connect with others and thats so positive too!

Ive been enjoying the fantastic student work emerge from my Patreon painting lessons week after week, and the blue wren has been a huge hit amongst my students. Ive shared many proud moments and that is such a wonderful thing. I am confident Ill see many more moments like this with the Splendid Fairywren painting tutorial, which is all set to spread its wings to my almost 20,500 students who join me there. Its a place for learning all about realistic watercolour painting, botanical illustration and now bird illustration as well. Heres the run down on whats included in the course.

SPLENDID FAIRYWREN – Paint Realistic Watercolour and BIRDS explores a striking small bird subject in blue. Its small, its intricate, its exquisite and boy, it packs a punch for colour doesnt it! It would be impossible to create a series of bird illustration courses without including this stunning wren so Im excited to bring this lesson to you and to help you grow along your painting pursuits with such a fabulous exercise as this is.

This Splendid Fairywren subject is a subject that dives deeper into the watercolour medium, subject and small bird painting in general, to expand on our learning even more. Its an ideal painting exercise to grow your knowledge, whilst having fun with this beautiful new, intensely coloured bird subject.

This course includes a fair amount of complexity in its tiny size. Our colour use within the blue colour family is fairly broader using combinations of colours in our tones, rather than single colours, and the size and number of elements brings its challenges too. But, these are all excellent challenges to jump into and explore for watercolour and bird illustration and shouldnt be confused with being ‘too hard’ at all. Theres just more to it with more to learn from it and thats wonderful.

This Splendid Wren course is for everyone, new to experienced, so if you love the subject and want to get playing with some gorgeous, intense colour, tone and texture, this is the course for you! I will be walking you through every step of the way, explaining the processes, colours and painting techniques to give you a fantastic, successful outcome. Certainly there is plenty to learn in this tutorial and that will help you grow across the board.

This Splendid Wren subject offers us plenty of learning in its pint size… and IΒ adore working small for so many reasons anyway. Here we find a perfect opportunity to learn about pigment rich wash, creating intense colours through layering, developing texture with broad dry brushing approaches, about working in your blue colour family line, materials, painting techniques, managing your palette and ultimately, creating a beautiful wren painting for yourself.

An exacting craft, this work is especially suited to nature lovers, for those with an eye for detail, or for those wanting to develop it. If thats you, youre definitely in the right place. Whats most important is enjoying the process, learning a bunch and having fun creating. When you start there, youre already in the right place.

This course was created for learning will offer you a taste of many of the essential ingredients in both bird illustration, and managing the watercolour medium more effectively. I have every confidence, and have seen it many many time, how the results surprise my students and I welcome you to join me here for the same… So let me guide you through this wonderful process in this course, from start to finish and see what we can create together.



I love how much this work inspires deep connection and emotion. It strikes me as the case so often and its a deeply beautiful part of what I do, what I teach and how I see people respond to the work and its practice so often. Ill close this announcement and blog post off with this beautiful post from a student, reflecting on this experience so beautifully here. It reminds me why I teach, sharing my loves with you all as much as I can… I hope to see you in the wash very soon! πŸ’™πŸ™πŸ»




how to access the course?

Hit this link to start this beautiful online bird painting tutorial in blue, exploring realistic watercolor painting and bird illustration