Watercolour Blue Wren Study

Watercolour Blue Wren Study – Splendid Wren – Available

Inspired by an image captured by photographer ~ Peter Caddy

My latest project includes a series of Blossom and Blue Wren Illustration studies for a wonderful client. Rendered in watercolour, all illustrations in this series are set to be birthed into a range of beautiful, high qualityΒ  items for our customers to enjoy. You know how I love being such a part of these things!

The collection explores life in the springtime, all things bursting into life and colour around us as winter passes us by. Its my favourite time of year. The collection consists of two blossom botanical studies and a series of three solo wren illustrations. Both blossom and blue wrens are a deeply sentimental subject to so many of us, making this such a delightful combination to bring together.

With the paintings complete, the original artworks can now be made available for purchase. Here is the third watercolour blue wren painting in this series, the rest are captured for you in the image below… Please let me know if any of these painting studies are the right fit for you.

The complete collection of watercolour illustrations for this project