Good morning everyone! I have juuuuust completed the editing (at long last!) of our epic painting lesson for next month, and I am really excited about whats coming up for you in February. It is a big one. It is a colourful one. It is a fun one next month, so get your colours out and ready for the TOUCAN in watercolour deep dive lesson which will be available for you here on the 8th of Feb.Β 

Ill be away much of the coming month at my Tassie retreat, as well as the Melbourne and Gold Coast painting workshops, so its definitely a busy, creative and wonderful time for me, and for my students ahead. Ill be sharing more of those events with you in due course as we explore field work, photography, drawing and painting… all in the luxury and wildness of our incredible Tassie retreat surroundings, another bounty of inspiration.Β 

Id like to incorporate some of the retreat adventures and subjects into the March lesson here if I can, to share a little of what we explore with you as well… We shall see what comes, but I thought thatd be lots of fun! In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying this months beautiful Splendid Fairywren lesson πŸ’™

So back to our February Painting Lesson for now… I have a short 2m clip to share with you here, giving you the heads up on the lesson, as well as the materials listed below so you can be ready in advance if you wish. A larger, more complex illustration requires more materials, but take a little look at the colour notes below to see a few options. If you have other colours you can use as an option, you could give those a try if you like too as Permanent Sap Green could also be switched for a Winsor Green, for example, so have a play and see what you can do for colour… thats definitely the name of the game here! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌΒ 




Brushes -Taklon Nylon Rounds Brushes with good tips

Size 10/0

Size 000

Size 1

Size 3 (optional)

Size 5

Paints – Winsor & Newton Artist Quality Tubes

Neutral Tint

French Ultramarine

Cerulean Blue (Red Shade)

Cobalt Turquoise Light

Permanent Rose

Permanent Magenta

Burnt Sienna

Winsor Yellow Deep (optional)

Winsor Lemon

Permanent Sap Green

Winsor Orange

Winsor Red


1 x sheet 10×14 β€˜The Langton’ Daler-Rowney Watercolour Board.

This is a cold press medium or NOT surface. If you don’t have the paper, use something you’re familiar with. Just remember, using different materials gives you different results so anticipate this shift and outcome… but there are MANY options. This is just my preference


Drawing Up Materials

Print out the worksheet to A4 size

2B Graphite Stick (I use and recommend PROGRESSO brand)

HB, 0.5 Mechanical Pencil

Scotch brand β€˜Magic Tape’ if possible

Tissues (not paper towel or cloth)

Additional Lesson Notes

The toucan uses many colours and this can’t really be avoided. If you don’t have Winsor Orange, mix an orange with Winsor Lemon and Permanent Rose. Mixing wont always give you the same clarity so keep that in mind. If you don’t have Burnt Sienna (only a small amount is used in the eye), you can try a little Permanent Rose or orange to give a touch of warmth to this element instead. If you don’t have Winsor Yellow deep, leave it out or make a more golden yellow with a very small touch or Permanent Rose or Winsor Orange to your Winsor Yellow for diversity. It makes my heart sad, but Cobalt Turquoise Light is an expensive colour, so if you don’t have it, just work more tonally with your Cerulean.

See you in the wash!Β