I have been super sick with the flu this week, but despite my head fog and husky voice, I have been working on a little paint along lesson you can join me for here on Patreon, in real time… Its ok, I edited out the coughing fits and Im not contagious over the interwebs which is excellent. Being sick this week sure wasnt the plan, but I didnt want to wait! 

Ive decided to start out with a really simple, sweet bird painting exercise exploring a Seagull Portrait in watercolour. Im using a manageable palette and 3 brushes for the job, so its a good starting place for you if youre starting out on your bird illustration and watercolour painting journey. 

It touches on working in pigment poor wash, creating texture with layering and creating simple eye and beak features as our main focus. Im putting the finishing touches on the lesson for you now, but I hope youll enjoy this time lapse preview in the meantime! 

Its a fun and achievable painting exercise of a sweet, familiar to many subject to check out and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.