The second half of last weeks painting workshop explored a second Kingfisher subject, the original inspiration coming to us with thanks to Andrew Haysom, making such a wonderful creative collaboration for us all. This painting challenge allowed us to learn so much more about watercolour and of bird illustration and my students did so well on this, our second study and challenge for the event.

This little clip shares the process and unfolding of their work which is wonderful to see, especially when youre learning yourself. Its a chance to see many versions of the story, each with their own character, all coming to beautiful conclusions. Here we explored wet in wet painting techniques, which i dont use so much myself, but its a wonderful approach, especially when learning about the basic nature of the medium. Ill be including this approach in my lessons here in due course too, so that’ll be fun.

Thank you everyone for participating in this awesome week and painting event, I look forward to working with you again! If you would like to join me on one of these workshops, you can check out my workshop calendar on the HOME PAGE of my website, which is always there for your reference.