Back home from my two weeks teaching in Queensland with Bienarté in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, I am enjoying home again, aside from the cold and wet wintery weather here in Sydney, reflecting on the wonderful workshops weve just completed and time with my beautiful students. You continue to inspire me, as much as youve been inspired.

Stepping back into my own studio again, I have taken the day to finish off my butterfly illustration, refining the details to complete the painting before putting together a few little clips to share the experience of each event with you here too.

Its a study I really love, and it was a wonderful image that Gil Ewing allowed us to work from for the event, offering us soooo many learning points in its beauty and challenge, blessed with the face to face intensive learning environment we were given.

We really did a deep dive into the most complex challenges of rendering this butterfly subject, walking through process, stages, techniques and strategies that brought my students on in leaps and bounds. I never say its easy, but I do say… you can do it! And you did. Im so proud of every single one of you. It was a pleasure to spend the time with you and look forward to meeting again.

If you do want to join me, coming up next is 5 days on the Gold Coast and of course, my Tasmania Painting Retreat coming up soon. This was booked out but weve had some illness cancellations, so let us know if youd like to grab the opportunity for a magical week of R&R, creativity and renewal.

Gold Coast Workshop

Tasmanian Painting Retreat