Blue Wren and Wisteria Miniature ~ Work in Progress

Blue Wren and Wisteria Miniature is the 4th in a series of sentimental watercolour miniatures that I have been working on recently. A favourite for many of us, the blue wren is a small painting, measuring 5×5 inches in size.

The work involved in my miniatures is significant despite the size… if not more. The level of detail my work contains requires an¬†extreme amount of focus large or small. Working at this size leaves no room for movement or error, so every stroke, colour choice and move must hit the mark without exception.

I love the rich, complex palette of this painting. It explores beautiful, delicate combinations of mauve, purples, pins and blues to achieve the familiar flush of the wisteria flowers. The fresh green brings a beautiful shift to the piece, creating a gorgeous environment for this sweet little blue wren to rest in. Like a tiny explosion of colour, these miniature paintings are like little jewels for the wall.

You can see more about the Wren and Wisteria Miniature on Facebook This bird painting also available in print, along with 7 others in this series of small bird paintings.