The World Wildlife Art Exhibition

The World Wildlife Art Exhibition is on again at The Morpeth Gallery in early June and Im really looking forward to seeing you there!

The World Wildlife Art Exhibition brings together some of Australia’s most spectacular and award winning wildlife artists to Morpeth Gallery for their four day exhibition, running from Thursday 2nd through until Sunday 5th June. On Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June I will be painting at the gallery between 10 and 4 with a handful of other amazingly talented colleagues represented by the Morpeth Gallery.

Come in to the gallery and see bird, animal and plant subjects painted by Australia’s Leading Wildlife Artists in a spectacular display of investment art. World Environment Day celebrations will continue at Morpeth Gallery over the June long weekend where leading Australian wildlife artists works will be on display. Producing work like this combine hours of research, careful craftsmanship and attention to detail in order to give life to their works. ‘What better way to appreciate our natural environment and its inhabitants than by browsing the work of some of Australia’s finest artists in the field and taking a piece home with you to admire on your wall every day’

For the artists, the gallery open day is a treasured chance to catch up with friends and colleagues, to share time, friendship and incredible knowledge with each other, and most of all, its an amazing chance to connect personally with the followers of our work… It is such a fabulous weekend for our visitors too. The Morpeth Gallery puts on this amazing event each year, offering its visitors a rare opportunity to come in and chat with the artists represented by the Gallery, and to watch them work on their own paintings throughout the days. Theres so much to learn, see, do and enjoy over the exhibition weekend and I have no doubt this year will continue to uplift.

So think about taking the break away, maybe even make a day of it… Certainly you’ll enjoy the gorgeous little town that is Morpeth. Just 1.5 hours from Sydney straight up the M1, it makes a perfect weekend road trip. Im really looking forward to seeing you there ~ Heidi