Online Realistic Watercolour and Botanical Painting Tutorial Progress

Online Realistic Watercolour and Botanical Painting Tutorial Progress ~ chip chip chip, or should I say crunch crunch crunch?

A quick update for you on the progress of my Online Realistic Watercolour and Botanical Painting Tutorial ~ CHASING AUTUMN, just so you know where Im at with its release. It has been a crazy, insanely busy month with a collection of things creeping into my schedule to create quite a juggling act.

Ive had a stack of demanding but completely fabulous commercial illustration work to keep up with. Ive had 2 editorial articles to write. Ive been busy planning a new and exciting 7 day workshop that will be held on Norfolk Island in November 2017, as well as sorting the last details for my next workshop in Far North Queensland, then for my trip to the States which is coming up so fast now its crazy. Between all things, Ive just completed a wonderful, fun workshop on Magnolia Botanical Illustration in the Lake Macquarie area over the weekend… trading one studio for another for a momentary, delicious change of pace before returning home to my own projects again.

As wonderful as it has all been, it has taken a little more time out of the Online Watercolour and Botanical Painting Tutorials basket than I had planned… but it was always going to be this way. These are such busy days and I am but one little lady. You’ll be glad to know that I am back in my own studio again now and I have made plenty of progress on the tutorial front through it all. Jumping straight back into it in the tiny gaps, I have completed more of the beautiful Autumn Leaf Illustration lessons for the course, tearing my hair out as I navigate my way through all the sharp technical learning curves that come with such new territory for me, and its coming together just fine.

Of the 7 leaves (yes it will keep you very busy!) I have now completed the 4th botanical illustration. The slow process of editing has begun on the last part of this painting and I hope to return to some extra time and resources in the next couple of weeks to bring it to a close sometime very soon. Its fair to say that one thing is for sure, no momentum has been lost on this project! Honestly though, the feedback and support for my efforts has been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging to this point so thank you for getting behind me to make this something so wonderful for everyone, and for your patience as I work on bringing these botanical painting tutorials to you.

I will have more on this for you soon, thanks everyone!