Miniature Bird Paintings ~ In Print For You!

As many of you will already know, my recent focus swung quite wildly from a 5x3foot ‘mistresspiece’ to a series of 8 (to date) intricate and exquisite miniature bird paintings, each measuring just 5x5in in size. Every one of them tells their own little story and have a complete uniqueness to them. The originals in this series sold out well before completion (or even commencement!) but they are now available in high quality prints on fine rag paper for your enjoyment. Focussing on Australian Wrens and Robins (Scarlet Robin, Rose Robin, Eastern Yellow Robin, Blue Wren and Variegated Wren) amongst familiar Sydney garden environments such as magnolias, cottoneaster, tibouchina, cassia, wisteria and roses, they are sure to tug on the heart strings!

With so many people identifying with this little series I wanted to make them readily available and affordable. They are absolutely perfect for that little empty space on the wall, that lonely corner of your home or for a pretty gorgeous little gift… but why not treat yourself to one of these little works? Its all about the things we love! The idea of these is that everyone who wishes to enjoy my work in their home in some way can afford to do so. I do hope you enjoy them too.

You can follow thisĀ Facebook link to visit the album, to find out more details on them and contact me regarding purchasing these miniatures, or you can simply go to my ‘Contact‘ tab on this website and get in touch with me here.