Festival of Two Palettes Weekend at the Morpeth Gallery

Festival of Two Palettes Weekend at the Morpeth Gallery

The annual Festival of Two Palettes event was held in the Hunter region over the weekend, bringing the usual crowds of anticipated road trippers, art lovers, wine enthusiasts, coffee connoisseurs and general weekend revellers to the area. Beautiful weather and clear skies embraced us all as we soaked up the festive atmosphere, the engaging events and the gorgeous, character filled town of Morpeth… Australia’s second oldest river port, located on the banks of the Hunter River in the Hunter Valley in NSW, and home of The Morpeth Gallery.

During this event, the gallery opens its doors to artists and the public allowing us to connect with those who follow our work, for the public to meet their favourite artists, and rare opportunity to see paintings being produced first hand. It is an interesting and uplifting experience for all involved, bringing our visitors fantastic insights into our world and work, and with such an impressive, collective experience and expertise of this group, we as artists find plenty of inspiration and and precious knowledge transfer with each gathering too. This year we were also joined by a collection of beautiful live birds, a Conure, a Major Mitchell and an Eclectus who roamed up and down the hallways muttering their hello’s to passers by, pausing for cuddles as they went about their business which was a lot of fun!

‘The Gallery was originally opened by Trevor Richards  and has had the privilege to feature works from famous Australian artists from all over the country such as: Heidi Willis, Ann Morton, Bill Freeman, Bret Garling, D’Arcy W Doyle, Garry Fleming, Gordon Hanley, James Hough, John Bradley, John Cornwell, John McCartin, William T Cooper, Natalie Jane Parker, Ramon Ward Thompson, John Vander, Kevin Best, Werner Filipich and more

Trevor opened Morpeth Investment Art Gallery for business in 1991 as part of the Campbell’s Store Craft Centre complex, in Morpeth’s main cobblestone lined street. Since then it has doubled in size twice, and is located adjacent to Campbell’s Store.  Morpeth Gallery now comprises a Landscape/Still Life wing and a Wildlife wing, each featuring 150 original paintings on the wall at any one time, with a third section dedicated to Giclee limited edition & open edition prints and other giftware such as greeting cards, children’s books, illustrated books, mugs, coasters & snack trays featuring the work of the artists represented at the gallery. For twenty years the gallery has specialised in selling only Traditional Australian Art – landscapes, seascapes & wildlife, by many of Australia’s most renowned artists.  The artists invited to exhibit their works at the gallery are all professional, dedicated artists & they must be published artists, or be an artist who has the potential to be published in many ways.  Art is not a hobby for these artists, it’s a business’

Thank you to the Morpeth Gallery for hosting us and for making this such a fantastic event once more, and thank you to everyone for stopping by and saying hello. I have no doubt it was an outstanding weekend for all involved, and I know that many of you will be enjoying your precious new paintings for plenty of years to come. My work going to such perfect homes where they will be so treasured makes me very happy.

Thank you to the Gallery for the use of some of these images too. Be sure to keep the next open weekend at the gallery in mind… The Wildlife Weekend kicks off in early June so stay tuned for those details. We look forward to seeing you there!