Pink Robin and Magnolias Miniature WIP


Having completed the HUGE commission, i have moved on to a run of miniatures for a change of pace. The first in a series of tiny Robins is this one, the beautiful Pink Robin and Magnolias. This is one of the first times Ive used bird reference from another, but I just had to paint this little treasure, generously offered to me by a wonderful photographer Tim Collins, and it was love at first sight!┬áThe magnolias were collected some time ago and i have been waiting for the right time to paint them ever since. It won’t be the last time i work from these, but they were a perfect compliment for this little bird. I especially loved the splashes of unexpected yellow, just for something completely different.

Measuring 5×5 inches, this painting is available in print. Please take a look at the miniatures album and contact me if you’d like to own one for your home.