Botanical Art Watercolour Painting Demonstrations

Sydney ~ Watercolour Botanical Art Painting Demonstrations

I have been lucky enough to conduct a handful of fun watercolour botanical painting demonstrations in recent weeks. Some were created for my masterclass students, and others were conducted for groups interested to see my botanical painting in progress. It is one thing to teach or to be a student in a classroom environment learning, but watching a skilled demonstration of a painting as it evolves from a clean white sheet of paper to a complete piece can offer viewers a great deal of new insight and understanding of the work and processes involved. It’s as important an as the dialogue and the hands on experience that comes with an involved masterclass. Given the opportunity, watching a demonstration such as this is an opportunity not to be missed!

My botanical illustrations of ‘Magnolia’ and ‘Waterlily’ are classic subjects to work with for botanical art demonstrations and they are such a visual delight. They allow me to explore so many of the techniques essential to watercolour painting. The fabulously rich palettes of luxurious colours and the delicate, velvety textural effects needed for these subjects are perfect for demonstrating classic watercolor techniques of wash, glazing and dry brushing… the most essential painting techniques needed for producing realistic botanical art in watercolour.

The first botanical painting ‘Magnolias’ was the subject of my first demonstration for members of Ku-ring-gai Art Society. The second illustration of a ‘Blue Waterlily’ was what we worked on in a subsequent one day intensive Sydney workshop. I do love a group up for a challenge… and what a wonderful group they were to work with too!

If your group is interested in hosting a botanical painting workshop, or in in seeing a demonstration, please get in touch with me to discuss your ideas further. Im always happy to discuss and consider your ideas.