Artworks and Availability

As many of you are already aware, I post regular updates on my Facebook Page covering the development of almost all my paintings as they are created, as well as day to day news, updates, images and studio moments as they unfold. Works in Progress albums can be followed for each piece, some small, some extensive, all telling their own story, each with their own challenges and journey to enjoy.

It is a day to day look at my life and studio time and a wonderful place to visit and be a part of. There is no denying that this is also the best place by far to secure an original work for your collection, as hot off the press as they can possibly come to you. Most are sold here, many before they are even completed so if you are interested in owning an original for yourself, consider joining me there for first hand news, developments and opportunities as they arise.

I am regularly asked ‘what paintings do you have available’. This site notes all paintings and their current status, however I have compiled a simple, up to date album to document my work and the current availability of each piece and its so easy. New works will be added to this and sold pieces will be updated so you can see what is available at any time in just a few moments. Please enjoy looking through this collection and feel free to message me via my contact page should you have any questions or enquiries regarding painting, availability, or commissions. Perhaps the next ‘mistresspiece‘ has your name on it!

Enjoy ~ Heidi